Monday, June 15, 2009


Combinando os mais obscuros lançamentos em DVD com algumas (desnessárias) inclusões do novo weird cinema comercial de Hollywood, este DVD Delirium: The International Guide to Weird and Wonderful Films on DVD…, editado por Nathaniel Thompson para a FAB Press, é um guia imprescidível para os film buffs, com entradas sobre algumas reliquias do exploitation, horror, trash e gêneros crossover que nunca se encontram em lojas convencionais.


Blogger pietro d. perrone said...

Olà, Demonarch. I'm happy of your presence on my blog. It's all right?
How are you?
I'm going toward to the next summer hollidays, but I dont know yet were i'll spent it.
And you?
Were did you stay in this period? Did you busy?

12:29 PM  
Blogger pietro d. perrone said...

The next weekend I'll go in holliday, for five days. We (me and my family, my wife and my son) 'll go to Parma, near Bologna. Do you know these italian cities? They are very historical countries.
And you? Were are you spending your hollidays? For many days?
In Brasil, in your country, it's arriving the winter, no? Or not?
(My english is vary bad and tiring).
Your work, in the last mouhts was vary busy. Were did you stay?

My work is for the check-account board of the italian public institution that ensure workers against economic losses (no salaries) caused by work accidents.

In this period we are checking the balance of 2008 and the work will continue until next mouth. But I'll have a little interruption for the trip.

How is the brasilian people degrèe of satisfaction in this period?

... beh, it's enough for my english damnation, for this evening.
Ciao, a presto.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:27 PM  
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