Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Grindhouse Girls of the 1970s! Quatro legítimos 1970's Sexploitation em dois DVDs! Lançamento do selo Secret Key Motion Pictures:

DAISY DOES HOLLYWOOD – Daisy knows what it takes to make it big in Hollywood, even if she has to hit every casting couch on the way!

BIG BEAVER SPLITS THE SCENE – It’s exactly what you think when John Holmes makes an appearance at this swinging neighborhood pool party!

GIRLS OF PARIS - Oooooh la la! Who says the French are rude? They’re certainly happy to help these two sexy young American co-eds explore the city of love!

TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE – When their housemother places them on probation, these sorority girls dress their boyfriends in drag and throw an “all-girls” pajama party!

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